Blur Projects creates multi-media exhibitions which provide a personal insight into the live-experience of people who are impacted by multiple discriminations or disadvantage. Their stories  challenge audiences to reconsider any prejudices and misconceptions they may have, and ask them to first discover what is similar and familiar, to enable an ability to understand better, diversity and  difference.  We ask you to open your heart and your mind to the participant of these projects, as they  have not only exposed their body by being photographed, but also there soul by sharing expressing with you,  the most intimate of emotions and thoughts.  The support and the guidance of the participants of each exhibition has been critical to the integrity of the work. The projects are photographic in nature, but the artworks are not all printed in the traditional format of a 2D photographic image on paper. This website provides an indication of the artworks, but the curatorial approach in a gallery spaces includes soundscapes and video and 3D works that immerse the audience into the world of the participants and the artists.
“Without stories , there is silence.
Without stories told, we are voiceless.
Without our stories heard, we are invisible.
It is even harder, when the stories are hard to hear and impossible to imagine.
Once the story is told, it is part of our own journey to learn empathy, rather than compassion.
We cannot argue when someone says, I ‘feel’, it is not our right.
Our own reaction exposes us to ourselves and our ability to listen when someone lays their naked soul in our path.
– Belinda Mason, Creative Director