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Belinda Mason OAM’s multi-media projects and exhibitions provide personal insights into the lived experience of people who are marginalised by multiple discriminations. These stories challenge audiences to reconsider any prejudices and misconceptions they may have. Her goal is to raise public consciousness on diversity and difference.  We ask you to open your heart and mind to the participants of these projects, as they have not only exposed their body by participating but also their soul by sharing their most intimate of emotions and thoughts.  The support and guidance of the participants from each project has been critical to the integrity of the works.

The projects consist of short films, books, apps, audio interviews, soundscapes, 2D photographic images plus non-traditional 3D sculptural photographic artworks.

We hope that you take the time to view the many different projects that have been created. The projects also have apps for people with sensory, cognitive or learning impairments, books, and film documentaries, hard copy text panels and catalogues. Some projects also include artworks or precious items that the participants have provided to create a larger context of their lives. Each exhibition is available for display and can be curated to suit the space enabling the audiences to immerse themselves into the world of the participants and the artists.

“Without stories , there is silence.
Without stories told, we are voiceless.
Without our stories heard, we are invisible.
It is even harder, when the stories are hard to hear and impossible to imagine.
Once the story is told, it is part of our own journey to learn empathy, rather than compassion.
We cannot argue when someone says, I ‘feel’, it is not our right.
Our own reaction exposes us to ourselves and our ability to listen when someone lays their naked soul in our path.
– Belinda Mason Knierim OAM, Founder, Museum of Understanding Through Tolerance and Inclusion