Everyone at Blur Projects volunteers their time without payment to contribute their skills as artists and or consultants. None of the participants receive fees for sharing their stories. Please contact us if you would like to support the work we do by supporting the:

  • a new or current participant
  • production costs of artwork and freight
  • production of apps for people with sensory, cognitive and learning impairments
  • production of catalogues and hard copy books
  • hosting an exhibition
  • giving of in-kind assistant
  • projects, participants,  and artists through your social media networks

Or, if you would like to support the organisations who support us, you can, and donations are tax deductible. In 2001, we established the  Intimate Encounters Trust, named after the very first project created by the artists. The Trust  is administered by the Perpetual Foundation and disperses funds to other community organizations whose focus is the social and emotional wellbeing of people with disabilities residing in Australia. Beneficiaries have included Women With Disability Australia. If you wish to donate directly to the Intimate Encounters Trust, please contact us and we will provide the contact details to make the donation.


Blur Projects key corporate sponsors  across all exhibitions are:

  • Code Green
  • Primary Communication
  • Simpson Lawyers
  • City of Sydney Creative Spaces
  • Belinda Mason Photography

 Key corporate, government and NGO supporters of each individual Blur Project’s multi-media exhibition are:

Unfinished Business

  • First Peoples Disability Network
  • Outback Academy Red Dust Heelers
  • Hollows Foundation
  • Australian Government
  • KPMG
  • Veolia

Outing Disability

  • Family Planning NSW
  • Aurora Foundation
  • Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
  • City of Sydney
  • City of Hobson Bay
  • City of Newcastle

Silent Tears

  • CBM International
  • Australia Council for the Arts
  • Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Ballarat International Foto Biennale
  • Australian Government

Serving Country 

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Babana Mens Group
  • Defence Shed
  • Knierim Brothers Productions
  • Head On Festival

Black on White

  • JB Seed Foundation
  • Moran Foundation
  • State Library of NSW
  • City of Sydney Redfern Community Centre


  • Casual Powerhouse
  • Head On Photo Festival

Intimate Encounters

  • Vision Australia
  • Accessible Arts NSW, Australia
  • Arts Access VIC, Australia
  • Museum of Sex New York, USA
  • Galeria Zero Barcelona, Italy

Becoming Woman

  • Casula Powerhouse

Only a Man

  • Seymour Centre