Dexter Cave is an important member of the Blur Projects Team. He has worked on the very emotive project TAKEN with sensitivity and kindness to all the participants. He worked in conjunction with the facilitators of the HEAD ON Photo Festival in a professional and proactive manner.

Dexter also works on the ‘Breaking Silent Codes’ and “Serving Country’. Both these projects require the cultural protocols of Australia’s First Nations people to be acknowledged and followed with great respect, which Dexter has followed in a natural warm manner.




Bachelor Sound & Music Design

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (German Major)

University of Technology, Sydney (Feb 2015 – Dec 2019) (expected)

• 3.7 GPA

• Inter-faculty projects – composing music for Animation students

• Shortlisted for Animal Logic Academy Internship

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (German Major)

German Language Study (Level B2)

Technische Universität, Berlin (March 2018 – Feb 2019) (Exchange)

• ERASMUS+ Scholarship recipient

• Undertook large intercultural research project

Conservatorium High School (Grad. 2014)

Higher School Certificate

• Distinguished Achiever for Music Extension (Composition)



Software – Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic X, Sibelius, Max 8, Adobe

Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro.



Conservatorium High School

Technical Specialist & Sound Engineer (August 2015 – current)

• Production of high-quality recordings for HSC Students Music 2 &

Extension Compositions

• Creating studio & live music set ups in unusual spaces

• Finalising mixdowns & masters to required specifications

• Organising and liaising with 40+ students & their timetables

Blur Projects (TAKEN) (March 2019 – May 2019)

Technical Specialist & Composer

• Assisted with the technical completion of audio-visual and multimedia


Sonar Music (2012)

• Work experience shadowing composers and engineers in a

professional music & sound studio



Neon Drive –

• A composition focusing on spatialisation. Originally for a 5.1 setup in an

exhibition space but has been re-spatialised for a binaural experience.

Colour Thief –

• An exercise in sound design and the application for the Animal Logic

Academy Internship.

Man’s Best Friend –

• Post-apocalyptic comedy with simple sound design and only a few

moments of music.



Team Skills – Acknowledged by peers and academic staff while working on

sound and music for inter-faculty microflix animation projects, where we

achieved a distinction grade

Creatively diverse – Exemplified by being a distinguished achiever for Music

Extension (contemporary chamber music composition), as well as producing

Pop and Rap vocals throughout university

Organisational and time management skills – Demonstrated by successfully

producing quality recordings of 40+ Conservatorium High School students in a

two-week time frame

Intercultural Skills – Developed a complex understanding of cultural nuance

as an international student studying in Germany and undertaking a research

project concerning itself with the impact of the 2015 European Refugee Crisis

Languages – Proficient German speaker (certified B2 in the CEF)


Available upon request