Rosalie Powers is a Disability and Diversity Consultant for Silent Tears. Rosalie’s mission is to work as an ally to the disability rights movement and contribute to the development of structures that promote equality, opportunity and enhance wellbeing.

Rosalie works in public health, research and education in Australia and low and middle income countries and is a current PhD candidate with the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney.  Rosalie’s PhD is exploring the interaction between health and quality of life among adolescents with cerebral palsy living in low and middle income countries.

Rosalie has twice represented Australia through Australian Volunteers for International Development and has worked in Australia, Bangladesh and South Africa directly supporting children and adolescents with disability and alongside people with disability in capacity building roles to advance understanding and attainment of human rights.

Rosalie holds a Master of Public Health (Sexology) and works in research and education for people with disability in areas of friendships and intimate relationships, puberty, socio-sexual wellbeing, and sexual health.

Rosalie is partner of emerging handicrafts duo, The Mulberry Two, and makes small functional items including spoons and bools from sustainable and found materials.

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